Federal Tax Lien Removal

Federal Tax Lien RemovalIf you are looking to purchase a property or refinance a mortgage, and then all of a sudden a Federal Tax Lien shows up, you’re probably wondering what is it.  If this statement sounds familiar to you and want to remove the lien, then read on the find out how.

When a delinquent taxpayer owes money to the IRS, they will file a lien against your property.  The lien is a legal claim so that you would surely pay the tax debts.  The lien is going to be filed in the county where you reside.  This becomes a public record.  Then, the credit reporting agencies are going to pick up this information.

So, if there is a lien filed against you, then act on it.  Pay the amount of tax debt that is required of you.  Settle it before the deadline in order to save your properties.  Do this and you will have peace of mind.


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