Settle and Remove IRS Tax Lien

ImageIs it wise to have the lien removed temporarily from your credit report?  It may be one of the best ways to go if you cannot pay off the lien before the specified period.  Also, if you do not have the time and leisure to set-up payments plan with the Internal Revenue Service.  It is because this action is needed in order to refinance or sell your property.  Then, the possibility of the tax lien lifted after it.

If you do not know yet the total amount due on your lien, it is recommended to mail or call the Internal Revenue Service.  Provide them your name, address, Social Security number, and contact number.  The amount and date would then be calculated.

Once you have met the payments, the Internal Revenue Service is going to issue a Certificate of Tax Lien Release.  However, if you do not get this, request for it by visiting the website of the IRS.  They would then send payoff letters which can be put towards ending the lien.


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