Defend Yourself from Tax Liens

Defend Yourself from Tax LiensTax liens that are issued without warning are illegal.  Several notices must be sent to you first by mail before a lien would be issued.  However, if the lien has already reached you, then it is time to use asset protection trust to defend your property.

It is a type of advanced planning technique that is utilized in some states in the US, to prevent creditors such as the IRS from reaching your assets in order to satisfy your debt.  Still, you remain liable of the tax debt.  However, your assets can’t be reached by a federal tax lien if the process is done properly.  This also means that it cannot be seized or levied by the IRS.

It is advisable though to hire the services of a tax lawyer to help you understand the asset protection trust.  Learning it and using to your advantage may prove to be the best weapon you got.


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