Withdrawal of Tax Liens

Withdrawal of Tax LiensThe law has a handful of tools for overcoming tax liens.  If you do not know it yet, it is also called as withdrawal of lien.  There are some reasons though that would enable you to withdraw a tax lien.  Here are they:

  • If the lien would be withdrawn, it can possibly facilitate the collection of taxes from the debtor.
  • The lawyer of the taxpayer is going to determine that the withdrawal of the tax lien would do well for both parties.
  • The filing of the lien has committed a violation on the procedures of the IRS because of being filed too early.
  • A settlement agreement which you have entered doesn’t provide specifically for a lien.

Now, if you think that any of the reasons above matches your concern, then act quickly in saving your credit.  Send a complete letter to the IRS along with any important documents.  Do this and avoid of the lien becoming permanent.


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