Debt Awareness on Tax Lien States

Debt Awareness on Tax Lien States If you have a pending tax debt to the local government and your property is on the line, then you might want to read the following information.

The government is going to seize your property for non-payment of taxes.  Then, they would sell it at a public sale to the highest bidders.  However, if your property is not sold at the sale because nobody desires it, the government would transfer the title to their name.  They can do this via legal methods such as sheriff’s deeds or quitclaim deeds.  Afterwards, they might enact a quiet title action to erase any remaining interest on the property.  This action causes you to lose ownership of the property completely.  Doing so would also enable the tax lien states to receive title insurance.

You may also need to know that some states set aside a redemption period where you can reclaim your property.  You must raise the total amount of money requested, together with the hefty penalty fee at the public sale.  Do this and you can get your property back.


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