Tax Sale Investing Through Overages

Tax Sale Investing Through OveragesThere is too much competition when it comes to tax sales.  Also, there are so many fellow investors that are out bidding you properties, which could have had an awesome deal.  As a result, you do not have an idea what you’re getting into.  Remember also that you are not allowed to inspect the tax sale properties prior to the event.  If these things trouble you, then it is time to look into tax sale overages.

If you are looking to compete in the lucrative business of investing in tax delinquent properties, learn how to use legal loopholes to your advantage.  Your competitors may not know this yet so it is advisable to start early on.  Besides, tax foreclosures are going on every day.  So, during the redemption period after the sale, buy the property directly from the homeowner.  Do this in a year or so when the owner is still looking for ways to pay off his taxes.  He is eager to get something for his property than totally lose it to the government.  Make an offer and you would be surprised to get the property at a lower price.


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