Tax Deed and Tax Lien Certificate Difference

Tax Deed and Tax Lien Certificate DifferenceThere are tax sale investors who often wonder the difference between a tax deed and a tax lien certificate.  Then, there are others who have no idea yet.  Here is a simple explanation.

Tax deed entitles an investor to become the owner of a tax sale property in order to keep it or flip it for more profits.  Tax lien certificate on the other hand, multiply investments by getting money back together with interest plus other penalties.  Both are safe investments in real estate that guarantee huge profit returns with lesser risk.

Now that the difference between tax deed and tax lien certificate has been explained, it is time to invest and get going.  There are literally thousands of properties for sale out there.  They are just waiting for the right investors to come in and get them.


Earn Profits and Help People with Tax Lien Certificates

Earn Profits and Help People with Tax Lien CertificatesDid you know that banks are the biggest investors of tax lien certificates?  This is a proof on how secured and lucrative this real estate investment can be.  While the economy is still struggling, many American citizens have failed to pay their property tax dues.  In order to recover lost revenues, the government then conducts tax lien certificate sales in order to continuously fund public services.  In a way, this allows tax sale investors to purchase bad debts for the delinquent homeowners, and to pay their tax over dues.  Before investing though, it is a must to completely understand the whole process and the rules governing it.  So, here are some things to check prior to buying:

The local government creates a list of properties included in the tax sale.  You, as an investor, can request the list directly from the county office.  The list is also published in newspapers.  It can also be found in the internet, thanks to modern computer technology.  You now have a very important file for the opportunity to buy tax lien certificates in a public auction or via online.

When you purchase a tax lien certificate, you help fund the daily public services such as fire departments, police, hospitals, etc.  The government in return helps you double your investments with interests of up to thirty six percent.  You also get the guarantee of getting your money back, since majority of homeowners pay their delinquent taxes before the redemption period ends.  These show the benefits of tax lien certificates in earning great profits and helping the community.