Is Tax Deed Better than Tax Lien or Vice Versa?

Is Tax Deed Better than Tax Lien or Vice Versa?A common question among investors is:  Which is better tax deed or tax lien?  The answer to this question depend if you want to double your investment or own a property.  If you are just looking to receive interest on your investment, then tax liens can do the job for you.  But if you want to own a property, then tax deed properties are more suitable.  Either way, you would surely be creating a great portfolio in both ways.

Whether you want to invest in tax deed or tax lien, here are a few things to remember first:
a. You must have a capital no matter how small or big it is in order to invest
b. Do a research on all properties included in the tax sale.  Don’t worry because information of the properties is public record.

Once you have found the properties that you’re interested, make a game plan on how to win them over other competitors.  You can also seek advice from a realtor in the area.  These tasks can save a lot of trouble as you go forward.


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