Tax Lien Investing Then and Now

Tax Lien Investing Then and NowAlmost all types of investments and businesses today are conducted in various ways than they were many years ago.  This includes the buying of tax lien properties offline and online.  Let’s discuss further below in what way things has changed.

Back then you need to look at the bulletin boards in order to acquire a list of tax delinquent properties.  You head over to the county and see the list of deeds and liens available for sale at a public auction.  Others go to the tax collector’s office in order to get the list.

However, in today’s advance technology, with just a click of a button, you can acquire tons of free and paid information from the internet.  You get details online on the list of properties available, schedule of tax sale, starting bids for each one, and their location.  You can do these tasks within the comfort of your own home.

Using the internet now allows you to access this information.  Anytime you can read through them and learn things less the time and effort needed to go outside your door.


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