Tax Sale Produce This Gem

Tax Sale Produce This GemIf you do not like the idea of owning a property at a tax sale but just want to aim for massive profits, then tax overbids is the way to go.  Tax auctions produce this gem that can give you 40 – 50% in money finder’s fee.  Due to a legal loophole, you can charge for the assistance you give to the property owners in helping them collect the overbid.

Overbids happen when investors at the auction bid more for a property’s lien than is owed in back taxes.  The overage is originally due back to its owners.  Unfortunately, most property owners do not realize they are entitled to this money and just move on with their lives.  This is where you’ll step in and help them collect the money, and in return you would get a percentage of what is collected.  There are many foreclosures happening today and these overbids worth a lot so look for them and earn profits.


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