Tax Lien Properties Partnership Guidelines

Tax Lien Properties Partnership GuidelinesForeign nationals or investors are buying properties in the US for nice profits and return of investments, with the help of property management consultants.  Partnerships in this type of investment would make a huge difference in getting a new home or making decent cash.  Here are some guidelines to follow when looking to partner with property management consultants:

a. Find out what consultants are operating within the area of the targeted tax lien properties.
b. Check the responsiveness and facilities of the company.
c. List the services offered by the company.
d. Take note of the rates and charges of the company too.

The guidelines above would help foreign investors decide which properties to buy and coordinate with the property management consultants.  The more experienced the consultants are the better.


Ohio Tax Sales

Ohio Tax SalesOhio tax lien sales are very safe and profitable.  They are reliable as a secure form of investment.  The tax lien sales in Ohio are set at eighteen percent interest and the redemption period is short.  However, Ohio is limiting its tax sales to institutional investors.  This means investors are required to buy big quantities of lien certificates at once.  So, those with small capital have little chance of participating.

The good news though is that Ohio has another type of sale to offer.  It is tax deed sales.  It is open to the general public for bidding.  Deeds are offered which means investors can claim ownership to the property.  Tax lien and tax deed sales in Ohio may have certain aspects that differ to one another but one thing is for sure, both can bring in big returns on your money.

Tax Lien Property Foreclosures

Tax Lien Property ForeclosuresProperty foreclosure is a very serious dilemma for the homeowners.  The primary reason behind it is due to unpaid taxes.  It may be dues to a government agency or loan repayments.  Tax lien foreclosures are properties that are taken over by the government authorities for non-payments of taxes, like income or property tax.

It is typical for this type of scenario for the property owner to vacate his property because of defaulting in tax payments.  The government authorities exercise mortgage rights on the property.  The process is facilitated by the US government under the law.  Then, the mortgage is follow by the sale of the property which the homeowners cannot bear to see.

Georgia Redeemable Tax Deed State

Georgia Redeemable Tax Deed StateGeorgia is a redeemable tax deed state just like Texas.  Georgia’s deeds are more like liens even though it is a redeemable deed state.  Not until the redemption period is over and you foreclose the right of redemption, you would have the right to the property and be considered as the new owner.  This is why the process in Georgia is more like a lien than a redeemable deed.  Also, if the deed does redeem, you get a penalty of twenty percent and not an annualized interest rate.  The penalty is paid in full amount which was bid at the sale.  Moreover, the possibility of foreclosing on the property is in your favor, since the price of the deed is bid up at the sale, which makes it difficult for the homeowner to redeem.

Texas Redeemable Tax Deed State

Texas Redeemable Tax Deed StateTexas is a good redeemable tax deed state.  Why is this so?  The great thing about buying a redeemable deed is that you can acquire a full penalty when the deed redeems, not a fraction like tax liens.  This is not the same with liens where there is only annualized interest rate.

Texas has six months redemption period and is unlike other redeemable deed states.  It is because as soon as the redemption period is over, you are the owner of the property.  You won’t have to go through procedures of foreclosure.  Just do not forget to record it with the county clerk though once you receive the deed at the sale.  You would also need to clear the title just like any other tax foreclosed property among tax deed states.

Tax Liens High Profitable Investment

Tax Liens High Profitable InvestmentIn terms of getting a high profitable investment, tax liens bring about decent returns if purchased wisely. It is crucial for you to know how long the tax lien certificate term would run, and what happens next if not redeemed. You can receive advanced returns for only a short period of time for some states. Real property is guaranteed also.

Some people just assume that doing simple research and background check on the properties listed in the tax lien sale, can eliminate the risks involved. There are also risks in this type of investment just like other businesses. However, thorough do due diligence can help avoid costly mistakes.

Great Opportunity from Tax Lien Overages

Great Opportunity from Tax Lien OveragesHave you heard of tax lien overages? Some property investors have no idea yet to what they are. Then, some homeowners think that losing property to a tax sale means losing everything. Well, at times this is right in about half the offices of the tax collectors in the United States. Well, too bad for the owners because losing one’s home means losing all equity. The homeowners lose hope also. The government instantly allocates the property owner’s tax lien overages for themselves.

In some counties though, the government saves these tax lien overages for its owners to claim. However, they can still repossess it if the owners do not claim usually within one year. The government notifies the owner by sending a letter to the property but the problem is that they are no longer residing in it. So, how will the owners collect their money? This is where you will step in.

Locate the owners. Put them together with their missing cash and collect 40 – 50% in finder’s fee. Take note that the money is located at the county level, which is why they are not subject to unclaimed money finder fee laws at state level. You would be making serious money in this great opportunity.