Great Opportunity from Tax Lien Overages

Great Opportunity from Tax Lien OveragesHave you heard of tax lien overages? Some property investors have no idea yet to what they are. Then, some homeowners think that losing property to a tax sale means losing everything. Well, at times this is right in about half the offices of the tax collectors in the United States. Well, too bad for the owners because losing one’s home means losing all equity. The homeowners lose hope also. The government instantly allocates the property owner’s tax lien overages for themselves.

In some counties though, the government saves these tax lien overages for its owners to claim. However, they can still repossess it if the owners do not claim usually within one year. The government notifies the owner by sending a letter to the property but the problem is that they are no longer residing in it. So, how will the owners collect their money? This is where you will step in.

Locate the owners. Put them together with their missing cash and collect 40 – 50% in finder’s fee. Take note that the money is located at the county level, which is why they are not subject to unclaimed money finder fee laws at state level. You would be making serious money in this great opportunity.


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