Georgia Redeemable Tax Deed State

Georgia Redeemable Tax Deed StateGeorgia is a redeemable tax deed state just like Texas.  Georgia’s deeds are more like liens even though it is a redeemable deed state.  Not until the redemption period is over and you foreclose the right of redemption, you would have the right to the property and be considered as the new owner.  This is why the process in Georgia is more like a lien than a redeemable deed.  Also, if the deed does redeem, you get a penalty of twenty percent and not an annualized interest rate.  The penalty is paid in full amount which was bid at the sale.  Moreover, the possibility of foreclosing on the property is in your favor, since the price of the deed is bid up at the sale, which makes it difficult for the homeowner to redeem.


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