No Need to Go to Tax Sale with Tax Lien Overages

No Need to Go to Tax Sale with Tax Lien OveragesIf you want to earn several thousands of dollars at most in a year without the need to go to a tax sale, then you better go for tax lien overages.  Tax lien overages are created when real estate investors at a tax sale bid more on properties.  By connecting the homeowners with their funds, you get huge sums of money in the form of finder’s fees.  Since these fees are generally capped out at ten percent on state funds, there are not so many money finders entering this venture.  If there are a small percentage of them, almost a few know about tax lien overages are not subject to regulation.  This means you can charge at most fifty percent which is alright with the homeowner because they get the money they truly deserve.

All across US, tax lien overages are created on a daily basis especially with the current foreclosure rate.  The government is already holding a lot of money from these unclaimed funds.  You would be wrong not to look into this type of opportunity.  Do this if you are already spending time on doing due diligence on tax sale.


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