Tax Lien Certificate Investment

Tax Lien Certificate InvestmentIn a tax lien state, upcoming tax sale notices are found in local newspaper classified section.  Remember that investors are bidding on the interest rates on the lien and not the property.  Whoever accepts the lowest interest rate would win the lien certificate.

The interest rate would vary according to the state as well as the redemption period in which the investor bought the tax lien certificate.  The investors would be paid up to fifty percent when the homeowner pays their tax debt.  It would also depend on the state laws if the delinquent homeowners do not pay.  The investors can apply for a right to ownership or tax deed on the properties.

Always keep in mind that each state in the US has the right to endorse statutory laws in the collection of unpaid taxes.  Make sure to conduct research on the properties and the state they belong to fit your tax lien investments needs.


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