IRS Tax Lien and Tax Levy

IRS Tax Lien and Tax LevyYou may be dealt with a tax lien or tax levy if you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS.  This gives them the legal rights and claims to your property as well as assets.

The IRS is able to file a tax lien legally on any assets or rights to a property if a taxpayer owes back taxes to the government.  However, once the tax debt is paid in full, the IRS tax lien can be released.  It must be noted that liens can interfere with the property sale because the IRS can claim the right to the proceeds of the tax

While in a tax levy, it varies from a lien because the actual property and assets are seized by the IRS.  They can seize property and sell later on.  They can also levy property including wages, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and etc.


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