Get High Interest Rates with Lesser Competition

Get High Interest Rates with Lesser CompetitionIs there a way to compete with large companies in the tax liens and deeds investing business and still get high interest rates? It is quite difficult to compete especially in some states wherein the interest rate is bid down at the tax sale. However, here are some strategies you can use to get high returns on your tax liens and deeds investments:

a. It is best to attend actual tax sales rather than relying too much on online auctions. You get to bid on properties and adjust your game plan accordingly. You also learn from your mistakes.

b. Go on far locations. Explore rural areas that has tax sale properties for sale and you might get homes or vacant lands at pennies on the dollar. Take note that you are going to have a tough time competing in crowded counties.

c. Buy smaller liens because most big companies or institutions target large liens. Always remember that smaller liens have less competition.

d. Majority of investors want to bid on the liens of beautiful houses situated in quiet neighborhoods. They leave out those that are in vacant lands which has the potential to rise. Competition is lesser for these types of properties.

The idea here is to get to know the value of properties and know your competition so that you can get properties at ease. This way you would also know which ones are after by big players and which ones are less competitive.


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