Tax Lien Sale Payment Plan

Tax Lien Sale Payment PlanIf you haven’t attended a tax lien sale of delinquent properties, pre-registration on every bidder is required.  This depends on the state and county that conducts the sale where you want to bid.  Most states require a refundable deposit usually in cash or certified funds in order for the sale to push through.  However, not all states require certified funds.  It is because other states are willing to accept personal checks; this is why you need to do some research first in order to be qualified.

On the day of the tax sale, a full payment in certified funds is expected for lien certificates.  The county or state would not let you leave without paying for the lien.  On the other hand, some states allocate a certain period of time for you to produce the amount needed to pay.  If you fail to pay up within the time frame, the property would be sold later on or re-bid to other prospect bidders.


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