Alaska Tax Deed Auction and Municipality Actions

Alaska Tax Deed Auction and Municipality ActionsAlaska is a tax deed state.  Like other states, individual towns and cities are responsible for the assessment and collections of property taxes.  However, the municipality plays an important role in the selling of tax deed auction properties.

Municipalities in Alaska are required to present a list of foreclosure properties, based on which ones have delinquent taxes.  They do this once a year to the superior court of the state.  This course of action has the same effect as to the foreclosure of individual properties.  Foreclosed properties are then transferred to the municipality for the amount of tax liens owed.

Properties that are transferred are held by the municipality for at least a year.  This is where the redemption period begins for the delinquent homeowner of the real estate.  The homeowner still has the right to possession though during this period of time and even after the foreclosure, and transfer of ownership to the municipality.  However, if the homeowner intentionally damages the property, the municipality may declare immediate forfeiture.


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