Tax Lien Certificates Add Income

Tax Lien Certificates Add IncomeThe extent for being successful by buying and investing in real estate is incredible with tax lien certificates. It is because you can expect returns of up to 26% on your initial investment. Redemption period may vary from state to state and can last up to 3 years; however, the interest rate and other fees can give an enticing return of investment.

With tax lien certificates investment, you can do it at your own time while having a main job. Counties offer auctions of the lien certificates at various dates. You can check out the schedules at the nearest county office. Select which properties you’d like to bid on and do a background check first prior to participating the auction.


Tax Lien Certificates Big Profit Potential

potentialbigPurchasing tax lien is a well kept real estate investing secret in the past but not for now. However, many people are still not aware of the profit it brings, and the big potential of such investment.

The tax lien certificates you buy earn 18% to 50% or more annually. This also depends on the state where you buy the lien certificates. And if the homeowner fails to make the payments, you still have the court to act upon the foreclosure of the property. These are the reasons why buying lien certificates allow you to have the opportunity of a higher yield from the interest, or the actual title to the property.

Finding the Best Tax Lien Properties Deals

Finding the Best Tax Lien Properties DealsHow would you find the best tax lien deals? You would be surprised to find out that it can be quite easy, especially in the current real estate boom. But first, you need to be methodical in your actions as well as diverse. Deals are all over the country, however it is highly recommended to specialize in an area you’re familiar with.

Then, how are you going to find an inventory of these tax lien properties? Lots of companies offer foreclosure lists. You can also find these lists on the internet or with the help of a title search company. Make sure that you find only the fresh leads. It is because you might buy information that is outdated. Do not commit this mistake as it may cause you to not succeed.

Tax Lien Implication

Tax Lien ImplicationWhat is the legal implication of having a lien filed against your property? Certainly, your property is subject to legal liability for unpaid taxes. The county would file the lien, and can claim a legal interest in your property. Worst, if you are unable to pay your tax dues within the redemption period, the property might be foreclosed.

When the redemption period comes to an end, the county places your property up for bidding in a public sale. The county has the legal right to sell the tax lien certificates to a third party during the event. The winning bidder can then, enforce the lien if you still fail to pay up, or sell the certificate to another investor.

Submit Tax Return or Face Tax Lien

Submit Tax Return or Face Tax LienTaxpayers are given an official document called a tax return, wherein they can list their tax contributions for a certain period of time. This document must be prepared and submitted as soon as possible in order to avoid penalties, and the possibility of losing one’s property to tax lien.

Taxpayers can personally prepare a tax return, which is if one has the time to do the tedious task. However, there is computer software that is specifically designed to make this chore easier. A tax attorney can also assist in the type of matter.

Tax Lien Investing For Properties Need Inspection First

Tax Lien Investing For Properties Need Inspection FirstInvesting in tax lien property without inspecting it can be a big mistake on your part. Some of these for auction properties may look valuable on paper because of well planned advertising. However, not all are that good, and it is not uncommon that these properties may have some damages that need repairs. Do not go into tax lien investing without prior inspection.

Bear in mind that it may cost you lots of money to pay for the repairs on a property with foundation issues. This is especially true if you are low in cash and may have to take a loan to conduct the needed renovation. Hopefully, you may not end up with a property thinking it was a bargain at the beginning but isn’t cheap at all after taking the expenses into account. So, it is best to inspect first before investing.

Florida Tax Lien and Deed Sales System

Florida Tax Lien and Deed Sales SystemIn Florida, tax lien holders don’t get to foreclose on the property won by bidding in an auction, after the redemption period is over. They need to apply for the lien instead in order to go into a tax deed sale. Then at the sale, the property is sold to the highest bidder

Due to this system, there is a steady supply of properties for sale in Florida. Some of the counties conduct deed sales more than once a month. However, majority of Florida counties hold online tax lien sales. And, only a few conduct online deed sales, as well as they do not always start the bidding on the back taxes owed.

Tax Lien Certificates Bid Down the Interest Method

Tax Lien Certificates Bid Down the Interest MethodBid down the interest is one of the methods used in public auctions to sell tax lien certificates. Interested investors are asked to specify the lowest rate of interest that they’re willing to accept. This is in exchange for the holder of the lien certificate’s rights to the property at stake.

The specified rate of return set by the state would serve as the maximum. The winner is the bidder who specifies the lowest rate. The tax lien certificate is then awarded to the winner.

Helpful Notes on Tax Lien Certificates

Helpful Notes on Tax Lien CertificatesWhen investing for tax lien certificates, do not forget that some counties and jurisdictions in the United States require large deposits from investors at the start of the auction. It is regardless of the tax lien certificate amount that you are looking to purchase. Moreover, payments of these liens are usually in cash and due on the spot. Failure to pay the full amount can potentially result in barring you from future tax lien sales.

Do take note that lien certificates are almost worthless, until the designated time frame provided for the original property owner to pay up his tax debt. Furthermore, lien certificates cannot be traded for cash. So, keep it or until the fees are settled by the property owner.

What is a Lien and Property Foreclosure?

Tax Lien AuctionsA lien is a notice attached to your property which informs the public in attention that a creditor has claim. Liens are filed and recorded in the county office or with the state secretary.

Just to make it clear, a lien existing on your property has a bad effect on the title, which prevents you from selling it. You must pay off the lien in order to avoid foreclosure and clear the title of the property. Then, have a release filed in the county office records which puts the general public in attention of the debt discharge. However, if you fail to pay up, you’ll potentially lose your property to tax lien auctions. The tax lien certificate holder to your house can choose to foreclose the property and get his return of investment.